Young Generation

Young Generation Action Plan 2019 - 2020

This is the Young Generation action plan for 2019-2020


-Empower chapter YGs to work with chapter heads to recruit more young members

-Use community/social event to recruit through the use of flyers, newsletters, dance, cookout etc.

-The use of social media (Facebook)

-Encourage party members to register family members.

In our Recruitment package we take into cognizance and include:
-  Target group
-  Data base (Records)
-  Communication and message
-  Method and times for recruitment
-  Location/occasion of potential members (Local Communities)
-  As part of our recruitment tools and strategy, we will create a brochure that will embody our party core aims and objectives, standard, achievement and the values of which it was founded upon. Community interaction, sensitization and socialization will also induce success of this goal.

EVENT: Dinner and dance
VENUE: Philadelphia

  • Friday - Meet and greet
  • Saturday - Conference
  • Saturday Dinner 

It will amaze all of you to know that this incumbent Young Generation inherited $0.0 into a never existing account. Finances is key to the successful running of any organization for this among so many reasons we have decided to embark on numerous fund raising events and activities.

In our dream to pursue and achieve this goal, we cue below some key consideration whiles we are engage in subsequent fund raising event(s)

In an effort to foster the relationship between SLPP Young Generation North America and Sierra Leone, we are looking forward to establish a chain of communication and reaching out to all the four corners of the country with a common Young Generation objectives.

Hindolo F Barnett
SLPPNA Young Generation Leader