Regional Executive


Mohamed Bah

Mohamed Bah was born in Freetown Sierra Leone but spent his childhood in Kono district where his family lived. His late father Alhaji Momodu Alpha Bah, was the Fullah Chief of the district and a diamond business man. Mohamed’s father was also among the five Fullah chiefs who signed an accord in parliament in the 60s to give the Fullah people the right to vote in Sierra Leone. His mother Haja Isata Bah was a house wife. Mohamed is the 44th child out of 46 children.

Mohamed Bah had his elementary and secondary education in Kono district and migrated to the United States in 1994 where he lives in Houston, Texas. He is a graduate of Houston Community College with an Associate of Science Degree (Class of 2005) and is currently a student at Texas Southern University studying Respiratory Therapy.

Mr. Mohamed Bah was the current Young Generation Leader of SLPPNA 2016-2018. He was the Chair of the Adhoc Fundraising committee of the SLPPNA 2014-2016, and was the former Young Generation Leader Houston Texas Chapter SLPP North America. Mr. Mohamed Bah is also a community activist, and is involved in many organizations in the community giving his time and effort to help in their work.

He was elected Chairman of the SLPP North America in October 2018.

Previous Positions

  • CEO and Founder for Sierra Films Production
  • President of Mohamed Bah Foundation a non-profit organization.
  • Regional Organizing Secretary for the Fulbeh Progressive Union North America
  • Former Vice President Fulbeh Progressive Union Texas
  • Member, Board of Directors for the Center for the Promotion of Inclusive Education in Sierra Leone
  • Board of Directors as Diaspora Coordinator for the School of the Blind Kono District
  • Secretary General for Diaspora in Concern Women Kono District
  • Founder West Africa Film Festival University of Houston Texas Downtown